Sunday, November 6, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...10/31/2011

Oh man, it´s Halloween.  That´s crazy because it doesn´t feel like it.  Well Happy Halloween, that is about the extent of my celebration limitations.  Halloween is really small and dismal here, so party it up over there.  Oh, and I will need pictures of Halloween, too.

This week was good.  We had some really good lessons and some bummer ones because some people are slackers.  But nontheless good.  We found some cool people this week.  We are teaching a Brasilian family, they are so funny, and they have a beagle, I took pictures with it.  We are teaching them, they are so ridiculously nice.  We went there last night and the dad William was like, "my wife´s birthday is on the 10th and I want you guys to come, there will be a lot of people, but I want you to come."  Ugh, ok we are there.  Niaz the Iranian hasn´t been baptized yet, but she went out of town for 10 days and finally came back, so we are working with her again.  She is super cool, and her old religion was needless to say crazy and difficult and I can imagine why she would like to change.

I have been reading the Book of Mormon, a lot more than normal.  I am just trying to learn everything.  Like knowledge is endless and I need more.  It is incredible how packed the scriptures are.  I also read the Pearl of Great Price this week.  That is some good stuff.  I love the Book of Mormon, I love what Joseph Smith said about it in the introduction, that it is the most correct book in the world and by following it´s teachings it will bring us closer to God than any other book.  I like telling people that the BOM is the most important book in the world, and there are a lot of books in the world. But alot of people try to say the Bible is.  Yeah, they are right, but without the BOM, we wouldn´t know how to interpret the bible, because the whole Christian world has the bible and interprets it in their own way.  That is why GOD prepared the BOM so we could know how GOD wants us to use the bible, and use the two together to confound false doctrine (2 nephi 3:12).

I loved Cameron´s story of his testimony, and he can have my peanut butter don´t worry, I would like the one he opened even more :) Well I had a good week, but I want to have a better one.  Prayer and Scripture study make THE difference.  The iron rod leads to the Tree of Life and the Fruit.  Iron rod =scriptures, Tree of life/fruit=love of GOD, Love of GOD=the most desirable above all.
I love you all!
Elder Peacock

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