Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...11/7/2011

This week sucked. Ha ha, no seriously, it did. The people this week were so rude it was crazy. I almost cried last night as we counted up our numbers for the week. I don´t know what happened. But Sunday came and I had the privilege of presiding and directing Sacrament meeting because our group leader was out of town. I love the members here. They are so awesome and funny. But as I said, this week sucked, nobody wanted to talk to us whatsoever. So after church we went out and started looking for more people. It continued stinky for a while, then we prayed again and felt like we needed to go to a different spot and knock a building. So we went and talked to a few people and we got to the bottom floor and a guy got out of the elevator and we started to talk to him. "Hey, we´re missionaries and we are here to say a prayer with you and your family to bless your house." He replied, "Come in, come in." I was like wait -- what? But he really meant it ;) so we went in and had a little lesson with this family of four, way humble, the dad is unemployed and they were just ready. It was a much needed spiritual experience, especially on my part. We are going back to visit them on Tuesday. Then yesterday, we got a call from a less-active member that we didn´t know existed and he needs help. He was humbled, too, because he lost everything and he has a huge family of 8 people and at this time they have nothing and need help. So, we are going to visit them today and going to bring them to church ;) But Sunday was a great day and finding that elect family made the difficult week so worth it! It´s funny, sometimes we just need a little thing to change a crummy week.

That is a funny story about Disneyland, that is just straight up torture to those pore little children. Yeah, we have to deal with Daylight Savings time here, too, but it changed like a week ago. It is super cold here and and even colder in the bloody house...and the heater we have doesn´t do anything, so I freeze. I have to use 3 blankets and sleep in my hoody (hood on). It finally stopped raining after 2 weeks though, thank goodness. But I finished the book of Mosiah today. I read it in a week ;) It was a crummy week, so I had to read a lot ;) Alma the younger is the man. I have been reading all over in Alma, too. I just love Alma the younger and all the sons of Mosiah, they were men. The Lamanites were horrible people that did some bad stuff, and what do the sons of Mosiah do? They convert the KINGS for pete sake -- the wicked leaders of the the wicked Lamanites. But the Book of Mormon is true, just so you all know that I know. Good book...real good read. I love you and hope you all have a good week. Dad get better from your surgery. Your email made me laugh though ;) mom keep up the good work. I love you. Caden, Zack, Brigham,´re the best, I love you.

Elder Peacock

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