Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...11/14/2011

Well, this week was really good.  And cold.  We finally got two heaters for the house!   I am in a special part of Portugal, the dryest, the hottest and the coldest.  Very strange.  This week we found some cool people and had some funny experiences.  One guy was having a really bad day, opened the door waited for us to start talking, then slammed it shut.  We proceeded by going to the next door, trying to hold back tears, need I mention (it´s a joke -- I have already had plenty of doors slammed in my face).  So this same guy that just slammed the door decides to open it again, while we are talking to his neighbor, and he just starts yelling at us for trying to help ;) Another story with a similar beginning, we knocked this lady´s door, she answers, "Oh, I don´t want anything from you guys."  Us, "Ugh, why not?"  She replies, "Because you are from the church of maná."  Us, "Oh wait, we´re actually not." So we tell her, "Oh, we are missionaries from the LDS church."  She looks at us then says, "Well, I guess I can be human, come in."  We had a way good lesson with her, we talked about baptism and the response is always the same "I was already baptized" so we explained a little bit about baptism and then she said, "So you guys do second baptisms?"  Really cool lady, we are going back this week.  Well, in the MTC I was reading Jesus the Christ, by James E. Talmage, and I actually read a lot.  But, when I got to Portugal I just stopped and did all my reading in Portuguese.  Well, I started reading Jesus the Christ again (I got a Portuguese copy), it´s already a way hard book to read, so in Portuguese I am reading r-e-a-l-l-y slow, but reading :) Good book.  This is the last week before transfers, so next monday we once again get phone calls and make some changes.  I think I will be going this time, but we will just have to wait and see.

That was a funny story about Cameron and his special crap.  It´s always good to do some cleaning.  Sounds like everyone is doing good, and everyone is getting good grades in school.  Dad sounds like he has a good plan too.  Well I love and hope everyone has a good week.  Go Lone Peak!

Elder Peacock

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