Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...11/21/2011

Well, we had a really good week.  We found so many people this week and a lot of elect people.  We finally got people to come to church, which has been hard but 4 came this week.  We had a lot of success this week and moved forward for sure.  It was a good week and my last here in Covilhã.  I got transferred.  I am going to São João da Madeira -- it is up north in the Porto area . I am way excited!  I have been missing Porto so much.  But, I am sad to leave.  I said good bye to a lot of members yesterday not knowing what was going to happen.  But I am happy, and actually last night I was laying in bed, and here in Covilhã we have a member from São João da Madeira and we gave him a ride to church yesterday, but anyways I was in bed last night and I thought, "Wow, I think I am going to SJdM."  So, when I got the call this morning, I was like, "I knew it, I felt that last night."  My best Elder friend Elder Peck (who has been in my district ever since I got here, so we have always been together and we know each other really well) is going to Madeira the island, and now we are split up.  I am not sure who my companion is going to be, still haven´t found out, but I have an idea either Elder Markham (he is from my group from the MTC) or Elder Vrooman, I think it will be Vrooman, he is way cool.  As for that, I am way excited!  Christmas: Some ties, some pictures, candy with peanut butter, peanut butter.  Yeah, I don´t know what else....

Sound like you had a fun week. I am way excited for Thanksgiving, I will be with an American ;) I don´t think we will do anything too special.  But, we will eat some food and tell each other what we are thankful for :) As for talking on the phone, we are allowed to use skype (SKYler PEacock --  coincidence???) and I could have used it for Mothers Day.....Elder Pilz did.  So, yes, we can use it for Christmas too, and lots of people will.......but i don´t want to.  I know that sounds weird and all, but it´s already hard enough to talk on the phone.  I am working my hardest for 2 years and one of my greatest rewards is coming home and getting to see my family.  Skype would just bring false-premature happiness.  Thanks for fixing the bank stuff.  Have a good week HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  Ugh, stuffing doesn´t exist here.  Neither does the Turkey Bowl.

I love you all and I will be emailing you from SJdM next week!

Elder Peacock

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