Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...11/28/2011

Well, here I am in São João, it really is like the show capital of Portugal -- shoe stores everywhere!  On my trip here last week I had to go to Porto and then catch another bus to here.  I went right into the heart of Porto, I almost cried I was so happy to see that city again, and to be so close.  It almost felt like coming home.  And I saw the ocean again!!!  It was as pleasant as can be.  But, I was right and I am serving with Elder Vrooman now, he is awesome!  He is from New York, really close to Palmyra.  We had a good week, I got to know the city a lot better.  This area is huge, so many people and buildings compared to Covilhã.  It is a lot different, but I love it.  The weather is so much nicer too, I don´t even have to wear a jacket, and it hasn´t rained once since I got here.  Que bênção (what a blessing)!  We had church yesterday and the branch here is awesome, really strong and a lot of members and pretty close to being a ward.  This area is so awesome and has so much potential and work to be done.  We have some awesome people here to work with already.

Thanksgiving sounds like you guys had some fun, we didn´t do jack squat :) but it was good.  Today we are going to go get Francesinhas, it´s a Porto original and one of the many blessings of being in the north ;) Oh yeah, the chapel here is big and an actual chapel and pretty.  We have also a number of Venezuelan members here, pretty cool.  About my card thank you, I will go and use it today, I don´t think I will be able to tell you how it went though, so just check my account is my only suggestion until next week.  Obrigado!  How is the ward back home?

For Christmas, all I want slash need is, pictures, peanut butter, a couple ties, and if possible a Utah Utes hoody (large).  And one day if you ever get the chance you have to find me a Jimmer Jersey shirt (large) for the Kings, # 7 (black and purple, oh so pretty).  Just a few things...try and keep it light because I now it is pricy to mail.  But, I am glad to hear everyone is doing good and had a fun holiday.  I love you!

Elder Peacock

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