Sunday, December 11, 2011

Letter from Elder Peacock...12/5/2011

Well this week was good.  I received a pleasant phone call Saturday night at about 10:00 pm.  I looked at the phone, "Covilhã, oh must be for me."  It was Elder Ells and Elder Dias, haha they asked, "Ugh, how does the baptismal font here work?"  "What?!?! Who are you baptizing?"  It was so cool.  My last week there we found a family, 2 sisters and a daughter of one of the sisters.  They were so cool and super elect, we taught them 3 times that week and they went to church and loved it.  Well, the aunt and the daughter were baptized yesterday, and more great news about Covilhã yesterday, it also became a branch!  So it´s not a group anymore.  It was so cool, it made me realize how much I miss that city and people and my good ole comps that stayed there.  I was a little sad that all this good stuff happened right after me leaving, but I am happy to know that I served there and got to work there.  This week was good though for us in São João.  We were searching in the area book for former investigators that we could pass by.  We found Diana, and started reading -- wow, she went to church a lot.  Wow, she wanted to be baptized, but her dad didn´t let her, oh, now she is 20 years old, so we went searching for her house with our Branch President. *Note: our Branch President is the man, Presidente Vasco.  He is so awesome.  So we found her house and to my utter astonishment found her really easily and everything went so perfect and she is going to church next week, and then we are going to baptize her.  It was a huge blessing.  Other investigators we have Paula and Joaquim, a couple with about 45 years of age.  They are like the nicest people ever.  They love going to church and the members treat them really good.  It´s funny, because at times it is a little to much for Paula and Joaquim, because so many members are trying to help and teach them.  This shows them that they mean well, and it´s better than no members caring at all.  We had an awesome fast and testimony meeting yesterday and the spirit was super strong, there were 2 members that really touched me.  Domingos and his wife Lurdes.  Lurdes and her 2 daughters were baptized 19 years ago, and her daughters were always strong and one daughter got married and moved to SLC.  But Lurdes talked about how she fell away from the church and she had never felt anything, but she went to visit her daughter in SLC and they went to the temple and her daughter knew she was less active and her daughter made Lurdes put her hands on the temple and just feel it.  And Lurdes said right then she finally felt it and she knew, but she never told anyone.  And then my hero Domingos, he is so cool, he never wanted anything to do with the church up until 4 years ago he was humble enough to read and pray and was baptized.  But it is so cool, because he is such a strong member now, he was the first one to get up and bear his testimony and a very strong one, he loves going to the temple, teaching Sunday School and reading in the Book of Mormon.  But when they got up and bore their testimonies it just made me think about the spiritual experiences that I have had in my life and the times when the spirit really testified to me that this is all really true and the only way to find happiness!
Well, I hope you guys have a good week.  Dad thanks for the email, I really liked it.  Christmas, this is my final list (I think), pictures, peanut butter, Reeses, ties, Jimmer shirt? ;) and a hand written letter from each of my beloved bretheren.  Crazy that the ward is so different.  PS how are the UTES?  What were the final records for UTAH and byu and what bowl games did they get (if that has happened yet)?  My card worked oh yeah ;)  And I remember Chris Engel.  And tell Dave that I am sad, but we will still be playing bball, right?  But McLane is still there, right??
São João branch Christmas party this week, holla, it´s gonna be so funny -- I´ll take lots of pictures.  Then next Monday we go to Lisboa/Oeiras for the mission Christmas Conference, it´s not a party, it´s a "Conference".
I love you!
Elder Peacock

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